President Elect

Dave Mitchel

IAEMCS President Elect

Chief Dave Mitchell, EMS Chief, Arvada Fire Protection District, has been involved in EMS in the Denver/Boulder region of Colorado for 17 years in both the public and private sector.  Located in Colorado, Arvada Fire protects 42 square miles and roughly 130,000 people 15 minutes northwest of downtown Denver.  The Arvada Fire Protection District began providing EMS transport service in 2013.  Chief Mitchell was brought in to lead the agency through that development by hiring the appropriate providers and developing the plan to implement a transporting EMS program.  Chief Mitchell is the co-chair of the Denver UASI / Colorado North Central Region of the Department of Homeland Security - EMS Subcommittee and works with other EMS leaders in the region to develop interoperable systems across the 10 counties around Denver.  He is the President – Elect of the International Association of Emergency Medical Services Chiefs (2020).  In 2014, he was named the EMS Executive of the year by the state of Colorado EMS Association.   Chief Mitchell was the recipient of the 2015 International