Past President

Paul Brennan

IAEMCS Immediate Past President

Mr. Paul Brennan is a nationally certified Paramedic who has been practicing in Emergency Medical services for over 30 years.  During his tenure, he has functioned as a provider, educator, and administrator, and has made contributions to the profession in the areas of volunteer, private, urban fire department and hospital based EMS systems.

Since 1994, Paul has been the Director of a hospital based EMS system in Massachusetts which provides regional advanced life support services to four communities in both urban and suburban settings. He has experience in EMS system design, development and implementation as well as regulatory and insurance expertise. Over the past 20 years Paul has also served as an EMS expert for medical malpractice consultations and case reviews.

Paul is the longest sitting board member on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Medical Services Committee as well as a board member of Massachusetts State Emergency Medical Care Advisory Council (EMCAB). He is the President of the Massachusetts Association of Hospital Operated Paramedic Systems and is the Immediate Past President of the International Association of EMS Chiefs, Washington D.C. where he also served on the board of directors as Secretary.

In addition to EMS, Paul is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for a community hospital with an annual emergency department volume of approximately 75,000 as well as 200,000 outpatient visits. He has worked on numerous emergency management/preparedness initiatives including ASPR grant projects for EMS and hospital readiness. He serves as an evaluator for the Harvard School of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Exercise Program and has provided private consulting for hospitals in emergency management and all hazards planning. He is an active member of the Regional Health and Medical Coordination Coalition (HMCC) and represents hospitals on the HMCC board of governors.