Peter Dworsky

IAEMCS President

Peter Dworsky is the President of Outcome Solutions, a firm focused on providing comprehensive solutions for EMS leadership, emergency management, safety and risk issues. Previously, he was the Corporate Director for MONOC EMS in New Jersey. Peter is the Safety Officer for the New Jersey State EMS Task Force and the Deputy EMS Coordinator for Monmouth County’s Office of Emergency Management. Prior to working at MONOC, Peter worked as a paramedic in New York City and was the EMS Director at Jersey City Medical Center.  He was also the Director of EMS and Disaster Preparedness for Saint Barnabas Health Care System. Additionally, he is on Faculty of Kean University in their Community Health and Disaster Management program.

His education includes a MPH in Health Systems Administration and a BS in EMS Management; He is an OSHA Certified Safety Professional and a Healthcare Risk Manager. He obtained his Certified Emergency Management credential from the IAEM and is a certified Business Continuity and Resiliency Manager. He participates on several committees including the NAEMT's Safety Committee and is a member of the EMS Safety Foundation and a founding member of International Paramedic. In 2018, he became President of the International Association of EMS Chiefs. Over the years, he has lectured at national and state EMS conferences, written several text book chapters on various aspects of EMS and disaster management. He’s received numerous safety awards including the New Jersey State EMS Safety Award and is a two-time recipient of the JEMS EMS 10: Innovators in EMS. He is a SCUBA instructor and a certified Kansas City BBQ judge.